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We restore, renovate and construct quality construction on behalf of public and private institutions including:
From over 0 + years

Four generations, more than 100 years in business

It was during those years that the foundation was laid for more than a century of expertise, professionalism and passion. Four generations later, Edilerica holds firm to the purpose with which it was founded: to enhance Italy’s historical, cultural and artistic heritage. The solidity transmitted to the company by Eng. Emilio Quojani is not the only legacy collected by successive generations.

Parallel to the construction activity, since 1980, under the aegis of Carlo Rocchi, Edilerica began to specialize in the recovery and conservation of buildings of great historical and artistic value. It was during these years that the relationship with the Superintendencies was consolidated with the acquisition of major contracts for the protection and restoration of public monuments.


The success of an enterprise is built on values

Family enterprise

At Edilerica we feel like family: we firmly believe in the importance of knowing and properly training our workers, making sure they have all the tools and knowledge they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

We support our team by maintaining high standards of excellence and to carry on the quality that has characterized our company for more than a century.

The welfare of our employees is close to our hearts.


Edilerica’s core business includes, among other competencies: theeighth operating class, which allows it to work on projects for unlimited amounts; OG1 renovations, of unrestricted civil and industrial buildings; OG2 renovations, to be understood as the restoration and maintenance of listed property; and the OS2A certificate, which qualifies the company in the field of artistic restoration.

Additional categories fall under Edilerica’s remit that allow the company to tackle diverse interventions, such as plant engineering.


Edilerica believes in the beauty and enhancement of every gesture.

We care about protecting Italy’s artistic heritage by carrying out monumental and artistic restoration, renovation and reconstruction, ensuring that each action not only enhances the work but also celebrates its history and context.

Our business policy is based on the principles of respect and innovation, paying homage to the rich cultural heritage that characterizes our country.