New construction, building renovation and architectural restoration

New Construction

Edilerica’s reliability, technical preparation and practicality are best manifested in the field of building construction. In fact, the company is known for its fluidity and organization in managing its construction sites when it comes to proceeding with the construction from scratch of housing units, residential complexes and civil works.

In addition, Edilerica has extensive experience in the construction and redevelopment of military and detention buildings, as well as in the construction of special technological and multimedia facilities on behalf of public and private entities.

Edilerica relies on the
BIM design
to ensure optimization of all phases of construction.

Building redevelopment

Building renovation represents the core business of the company, which in a century of activity has been able to combine the desire to protect Italy’s building heritage with continuous technological advancement in the design and construction phases. Building renovation becomes a time for Edilerica to restore what time, neglect and weathering have deadened.

Architectural restoration

Restoration work is carried out by Edilerica with the care and patience of the scholar who has devoted part of his life to learning the most meticulous techniques for upgrading artistic heritage. The company ensures impeccable preparation by the experts sent to the intervention sites so that the restoration restores the work to its original appearance.

Thus, in its 100-year history, Edilerica has been able to show great expertise in the execution of conservative restoration of historical, monumental, artistic and architectural heritage, which has earned it the benefit of establishing itself as a benchmark in the public and private sectors.

Being confronted with a work, Edilerica can immediately understand its value.