ISPRA Building

Structural and plant renovation for ISPRA’s Rome headquarters

2024 – ongoing


Fire retrofitting work on the building owned by INAIL, located in Rome at Via V. Brancati 48.


INAIL (National Institute for Industrial Accident Insurance).

PLACE Rome, Italy


Safer and more compliant environments, asbestos abatement, new fire protection systems, ventilation and restyling of spaces at the Rome headquarters of the Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research in Rome owned by INAIL. With a significant challenge for Edilerica: to ensure the operability of its 800 employees even while construction is underway.

The renovation was handled with meticulous organization, proceeding one plan at a time. This method minimized disruption and maintained complete business continuity.

In detail, the project included asbestos abatement and disposal, fire compartmentalization, and installation of fire doors. Structural adjustments were also made to improve escape routes and ventilation. On the other hand, in terms of facilities, a new fire detection system was installed, the fire-fighting water supply was expanded, and an automatic aerosol extinguishing system was introduced. Finally, a smoke and heat extraction system was implemented in the mess hall.

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