Designing, restoring, and building.
Building Information Modeling

BIM is the present and the future of real estate design, construction and management . It is a method based on the use of a digital model that allows the entire life cycle of a building to be actively followed, facilitating the sharing of information among engineers, architects, contractors, and clients.

Adopting BIM is not simply a regulatory compliance, but an investment in efficiency, quality , and sustainability that adds value to each intervention and lasting benefits in terms of building management and maintenance.

How does Edilerica approach BIM design?

Innovation begins with laser scanner surveying, a key starting point for capturing the actual state of environments with pinpoint accuracy.

The three-dimensional point cloud is transformed into a detailed digital model, hierarchically structured to ensure efficient information management. During this phase, we include architectural, structural and technological details. This digital representation becomes the canvas on which we paint our project.

The model is integrated with our financial management system to conduct detailed material analysis and ensure dynamism in updating costs. This allows us to identify savings and optimizations, providing clear reporting and maintaining ongoing collaboration with the client.

Implementing BIM in construction gives us many benefits, including reducing errors and improving efficiency. We analyze the project and assess the skills required, planning the manpower in detail to optimize resources. Our adaptability to project variations and real-time monitoring enable us to assess the cost-effectiveness of human resources.

Through data integration and the adoption of open standards, we ensure the interoperability of our systems. Real-time collaboration and secure data sharing are facilitated by the central role of the Common Data Environment (CDE), which serves as a central hub for effective management.

At Edilerica, we directly involve our clients from the very beginning, defining goals and action plans with the help of BIM. This approach allows us to make decisions based on accurate information and closely follow the progress of our projects.

A new way of designing, restoring and building that is marked by innovation. This is Edilerica’s approach.