Fortebraccio Street, 52

The renovation with demolition and reconstruction of a brick residence in the Pigneto neighborhood

2021 – ongoing

Extraordinary renovation work on the property located at Via Fortebraccio no. 52



€ 1.449.179,79


Rome, Latium

Eng. Michele Ricci


Edilerica’s intervention at the residential complex on Via Fortebraccio in Rome’s Pigneto neighborhood consisted of a renovation with demolition and reconstruction of a residential masonry structure.

Load handling and construction operations proved particularly challenging in view of the cramped spaces in the neighborhood and, in particular, the street facing the building.

Nevertheless, Edilerica managed to arrange for the erection of a tower crane and place it in the inner courtyard of the residential complex, obtaining a series of permits that were not easy to obtain. This solution has proven to be successful from the point of view of cost reduction, execution of various processes, and time contraction.

The complexity of the intervention was not found so much in the work itself-which consists partly of reinforced concrete and partly of steel with finishes in plain masonry, wood, plastered walls, etc. -as much as in the implementation and the difficulties involved in making it possible in practice.

The residential complex on Via Fortebraccio

In the meanders of the Pigneto neighborhood, there where Rome’s streets squeeze into increasingly intricate knots, stands the residential complex of Via Fortebraccio.

It is a small building with 11 mini-apartments. Inside, it consists of a central building called “Palazzetto” and an inner courtyard, where 3 one-story buildings called “Casette” can be seen. There are 8 apartments in the Palazzetto, each of which has a loft.

One of the distinguishing features of the Via Fortebraccio work lies in the decision to keep the structural elements in view at the behest of the client himself.

Photo reportage