Holy Trinity Church of the Pilgrims

Restoration and consolidation of the facade and its decorative apparatus lighting enhancement of the project

2023 – 2024

Building restoration related to the cultural events of the celebrations of the 150th Anniversary of National Unity

Ministry of Culture, Special Superintendence of Rome – Archaeology Fine Arts Landscape




Rome, Italy

Arch. Alessandro Mascherucci

Arch. Oliva Muratore


Located in the heart of the picturesque Regola district, a short distance from the banks of the Tiber and the lively Campo de’ Fiori, the Church of the Holy Trinity of the Pilgrims represents a treasure of Roman Baroque architecture. Its façade, begun in 1587 and completed in 1723 to a design by Francesco De Sanctis with the intervention of Giuseppe Sarti, is enriched by the majestic statues of the Four Evangelists, the work of Bernardino Ludovisi, and imposing columns on marble plinths.

Edilerica was commissioned to restore the façade, spread over about 600 square meters, to its original splendor, respecting the 1723 vision. Over the years, the building had undergone color changes and dirt accumulation that had altered its appearance. Everyone probably remembers it as having a yellowish color with orange undertones.

Edilerica’s approach, in close collaboration with the Superintendency and by our expert restorers, has focused on respecting historical authenticity and using state-of-the-art methods and materials that are sensitive to context and preservation.

Edilerica worked through careful analysis of the textural layers, meticulous washing of the surfaces with nonaggressive alkaline solutions, and painstaking conservation restoration. Lime-based materials, chosen for their compatibility and durability, were used to restore and, where necessary, reconstruct architectural details such as friezes and decorative garlands, respecting the original majesty and integrity of the building.

This project is not just a restoration; it is a rebirth of a historic symbol of Rome.

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