Arsi Archives

Renovation and regulatory adaptation of the Building “ARSI – Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu”

2020 – 2020


Renovation and adaptation works of the ARSI archive located in Borgo S.Spirito No. 4


General Curia of the Society of Jesus


Rome, Italy

Architectural: Arch. Christian Ciucciarelli
Structural: Ing. Rocco Maffei
Electrical and Special: Eng. Marco Ciucciarelli
Mechanic: Ing. Claudio Ciucciarelli


Tommaso Fortuna


The renovation of the ARSI Building in Borgo Santo Spirito, commissioned by the General Curia of the Society of Jesus, led to major improvements on an area of about 1,800 square meters. The project, developed in collaboration with Galileo Engineering s.r.l., addressed key interventions such as facade renovation, replacement of doors and ceilings to ensure fire regulations and universal accessibility. A tangible demonstration of commitment to historic preservation and adaptation to modern standards.

Significant alterations to the Ground Floor, including the inclusion of a glazed entry box, replacement of partition walls and suspended ceilings, and upgrading of the fire structure with new doors and shaving. Other external interventions include the construction of a box in the cylinder area.

On the first floor, walls, suspended ceilings and floors were replaced. Sliding doors for disabled accessibility, a control room, and exterior facades were repainted. The basement, intended for storage rooms, saw the replacement of fire doors, plugging of windows, creation of a ventilation turret, and restoration of the iron staircase.

The east facades have been completely renovated, addressing deterioration, moisture, and structural work. Cleaning, repairs, and repainting with siloxane paint were performed.

Finally, to improve structural performance, pillar jacking, steel plate reinforcement, and wing reinforcing gussets were carried out. Details and calculations are given in the “Structural and Seismic Vulnerability Calculation Report.

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